Sunday, January 04, 2009

One little word...

Can one little word change your life? I think it can! Ali Edwards started a tradition in her January 2007 newsletter to pick a word, one little word, to focus on for the year. A few of my blogging friends have been participating in this, and I felt inspired to do this too. We started chit-chatting about it mid-November I think? Then I got caught up in the holiday chaos of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and set it aside (sound familiar? Haha!) Well - we started chit-chatting about it again right after Christmas, so I pulled out my sticky note.

Haha - just ignore that I had frumpy on there. I decided I *do not* want to be frumpy in 2009, lol...I want to be the OPPOSITE of frumpy, so I went with ENERGY for my word. I feel more energetic already! I was so energized, that I had to scrap a page!

I also treated myself to this (with my word "energy" of course). I've been a fan of Lisa Leonard's jewelry designs for awhile, so when Ali posted about the coupon, it was a no brainer. See how energetic I am? *snort*

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? This is the first year in a long time that I haven't actually penned my resolutions down. I guess, since they are the same every year, I feel I can just remember them, haha, insert rolling eyeballs know how it is:

lose weight
drink more water
go green
give up caffeine (YA RIGHT!)
get organized
yada yada yada...

Do you see how most of these require ENERGY? Hmmmm...

One thing that I do want to focus on is more scrapbooking! I want to set aside time for this every week. I might even calendar this and set up reminder alarms. I did that with balancing the checkbook and I actually do that every week since it's on my calendar. The second thing I am focusing on is photography - I need to get back to using my camera (either the P&S or the DSLR will do) more often...

Thanks for stopping by - have a fabulous Sunday!

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digimommy said...

Great word ... and I love your page! I am still working on what my word for the year might be.