Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturdays are for SHOPPIN'!

Are your Saturdays filled with household chores and errands? Do you shuttle kids around to basketball, soccer, martial arts, or etc? I say Saturdays are for SHOPPIN'! I can remember, as a little girl, (of course I was a BORN GIRLY GIRL SHOPPER) Mom would start talking on Tuesday or Wednesday about how we were going SHOPPING on Saturday. I grew up in a very small town, it was a 45 minute drive to the nearest mall (and those 2 malls were small!), and about TWO HOURS to a really good retail complex. That was the MOTHERLOAD - if we were going to drive the 2 hours to the REALLY GOOD MALL. I'd count and re-count my babysitting stash and allowance, and daydream all week about what I could buy....Aaaahhhh! It was FAB! Heaven forbid if there was SNOW in the forecast - that would be a devastating blow if we weren't able to go...(the HORROR!)

Well I *STILL* like to shop, I'm *STILL* a girly girl, and go Ga-Ga over the purses, shoes, belts, jewelry, and on and on and on, lol. Shopping sure has changed for me - I live close to dozens of shops and malls, so I don't have to plan my trip a week in advance.

With Digi Scrappin' - you don't even have to leave your house! Do you Kaboodle? I recently joined, and let me tell ya - this is a FAB WAY to keep all of those digi kits you WANT organized when you are browsing the different digi shoppes. If you are like me, you have a TON of favorite shoppes/designers to visit (just see the blinkies on the right side of this blog for some of my faves). Whenever I see a kit, elements, or brushes and actions that I covet and lust after, I just clickety click on my "Add to Kaboodle" button from the toolbar (install the toolbar - you NEED the toolbar) and it adds it to my list, and then takes me back to the page I was browsing. SLICKETY SLICK! Fabbity FAB!

And here is the latest kit I just added to my Kaboodle - I am going to TREAT MYSELF to this (Funky Junky Spring Fling) today, after I finish my Saturday chores and errands! See the darling QP Album? I think I *need* that too!

Have a FAB SATURDAY - Shoppin', errands, chores - whatever you are doin' today!

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