Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scrappin' Sunday...

Lately, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything, and just crabby! This week was particularly icky - nothing specific, I think it's just this time of year, winter feels long, and when you top it off with things in general not going the way you plan...well then, the crabbies seem to set in!

I had been too busy this week to really do any scrappin', so I decided that I needed to *make a point* to scrap today, to try to lift my blah mood.


Since I'm pretty new to digi scrappin', my process probably isn't as organized as I could be, but I fumble around, and learn as I go, and just enjoy it. Sometimes, I start out with a specific kit or elements in mind that I want to use, and then search for pictures that I think will coordinate well. TODAY - (prolly because of my mood...) I started out with these pictures in mind to scrap, and THEN found the *perfect* kit and supplies to fit the mood of the photos.

These pictures are from a "girls weekend". These are friends that I have had FOR.EVER. The "MLT Gals" we call ourselves, because we all met when we were coworkers at MLT Vacations. ANYWAY...none of us works there currently, but we have kept in touch, despite busy lives with husbands, jobs, and kids. We have what we call a "mandatory meeting" twice a year, and we all really look forward to these getaways. For our spring "meeting" we usually go somewhere, stay in a hotel, and see the sights, and in the fall, we shack up at someone's home. YUP. We boot out the hubbies and kids and it's JUST US GIRLS. We laugh, eat, drink, laugh, watch movies, laugh, play games, dance, eat, laugh, and recall the "good ol' days". It is always a fun and fab weekend, and we come home refreshed and ready to face our "real lives" again, reenergized.

Page Credits: Template from Heather Ann Designs, Funky Chic kit from Shabby Miss Jenn, Hand Stitched Alphabet from design by Dani (Dani Mogstad), Old Typwriter Font.


PJBstamper said...

It great to see all those smiles - even if I don't know who they belong to. Thanks for sharing. I've got a case of the crabbies, too, but mine has to do with the fact that I'm cleaning my office.

Sandy B said...

Another really fun page. Love the idea of "mandatory meetings" with former coworkers.

Where did you get your sweatshirts and what do they say?