Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Guess I need to dust off the ol' blogger, eh?

Life has been busy - but I'm getting back into the swing of things I think. (I HOPE!) The month of September has flashed by in a blur of back to school chaos, work, and life! I did manage to sneak away over the 19th to a very special girls' weekend. We get together twice a year, usually later in the fall, and again in spring, but this time around, we bumped it up to accomodate our dear friend Candy (pictured front and center below) who has been bravely battling liver cancer. Without going into too much detail, her outlook at this point is very grim, and we are all gathering around her as much as we can these days.

Since our group photos usually are with drinks in hand (and often there is food or appetizers in front of us too, lol), we were looking for something a little more "formal" or "frameable" as I like to say...So I took my gear with me, and we did a little mini photo shoot.

I had to whip up a girlfriends story board - the girls all gave me the "are you crazy?" stares when I said I wanted a photo of our hands. LOL. I insisted, and of course now they think I am BRILLIANT hehe...

We all wanted individual photos with Candy too, and I loved how they turned out! I just had to whip up another storyboard...

This last weekend, I scrapped like a MANIAC, and did even more today, so I'll be back soon to share those pages!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Kookie said...

Your storybooks are a true treasure as is the friendship you can see in all youe faces.
You got talent girl!