Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More from the Big Kahuna

I know I know, you are sick of the Big Kahuna!

Well TOUGH, because I love this little surfin' mouse, lol...and of course, I am still in my coloring mode too. :)

I feel like I am *finally* getting the hang of these Copic markers. The trick is to buy LOTS of markers! *snort* Seriously though, you do need at least 2 shades of each color for any detailed blending. I am just learning by trial and error basically. (I just took the trash out, otherwise I would show you all my errors crumpled up in the waste basket, lol.) I have gotten pretty good results with layering single color markers ON TOP of themselves (does that make sense? I mean by applying a SECOND layer on top of the first...) but I feel like I have much more freedom by having a few varying shades to work with. I also am getting the hang of the blending pen, for moving the color around and, well, blending!

Blah blah blah - what I mean is: GO OUT AND BUY MORE COPICS! You *need* a variety!

I coordinated these surfers with papers from Basic Grey Lime Rickey collection. I think Basic Grey is my favorite paper line EVER, lol. I always say NO. I DO NOT NEED any more papers from Basic Grey. But I end up buying them anyway. Don't judge me!

Thanks for stopping by (I think I am breaking a record for blogging this month!) - I hope your week is turning out fabulous so far!

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you've been busy, should I watch my mailbox?