Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Yeesh! Weeks go by and no bloggin'!

I have been itchin' to pick up the camera. UGH. It's like starting all over. Okay, NOT REALLY, I actually remember some things, but dang, this hobby is a journey!

Took the kids out yesterday - we are *finally* getting some warmer weather here in MN. The first park we went to had about 10,000 people for an Easter Egg Hunt, lol, so we had to move on to "Plan B". Add in a picnic lunch, and some playground time, and it was a perfect day! After lunch, we went to see the new Hannah Montana movie. Mad and I really wanted to see it, and when Wy said he wouldn't mind going, we RAN before he could change his mind and decide he was "too cool" for Hannah!

I hope you are enjoying a fabulous Easter with family and friends! Thanks for stopping by!

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