Monday, March 02, 2009

Books and TV...

Hey I scrapped!

No time for chit-chat, busy busy! But I scrapped on the weekend and wanted to pop in and share my pages. (I think this is some kind of record for blogging lately, haha!)

First - a page showing my "reading list". Would you believe I have started all but two of these books? LOL. Can you say "attention deficit"??? I can't seem to get engrossed in anything besides scrapbooking mags lately. I am OBSESSED with them. Probably because I don't have much time for scrappin' these days...


OH - I have also added to this pile, too. Yeppers. I have a PROBLEM with Barnes & Noble, haha!

And lastly - a page showing my OTHER favorite winter hobby, watching TV! My five favorite characters currently. You think my ancestors will be interested to know that I was obsessed with Sawyer, crime dramas, and polygamy??? Hmmm...

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sarah said...

WOW! We share some of the EXACT SAME favorite characters!!!

I love Damages, Criminal Minds, and the Closer!!! If I had to add anything, it would be someone from Grey's Anatomy!

AWESOME work! (I stumbled over here from Michelle Wooderson's blog) :-)