Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year, New Look, New Desktop!


PHEW - it's been awhile since I had a moment to breathe, never mind keeping up on the blog! Today I had some time, and wanted a "fresh and fun" new blog header, so I was tinkering around, and ended up with a whole new look, lol. (DON'T email me to ask me how I did it, because I have *NO IDEA* lol) I used Dani Mogstad's Sweet Cupcake kit and her Handstitched Alpha - links are in the sidebar. I am now on a mission to get some cute little buttons in my sidebar for archives, labels, and etc.

I wanted to share my January desktop - this is a desktop freebie from Shabby Princess - I just love her stuff! Of course you all know my best pooch, ha ha...

I have a TON to blog about, so hopefully I will be back soon!

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