Friday, November 28, 2008

December Daily - The Album Pages

WHOOHOO! I am *finally* posting my pages! I'm so excited for December to begin so I can start filling this book!

Now - before I started this project, I wondered if I would have enough "interesting" things to fill the book. I actually jotted down a quick list, and then kept adding to it. Really, this project is supposed to be about the daily stuff too, so we'll see if it turns out boring, lol!

Here is the first series of pages...

Pages 5 through 10

Pages 11 through 16

Page 11 paper bag booklet inside...

Page 17

Page 18

Page 19 - a little envelope pocket

Pages 20 through 25

Pages 26 through 31

And there you have it! I've included lots of envelopes and places to tuck in journaling or photos, and I have a few digi kits that will match my color scheme, so I will likely add some 8x8 digi pages as well and make this a truly hybrid project.

Did you notice that my color scheme includes PINK??? *grin*

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck to all you "BLACK FRIDAY" shoppers out there! Any shopping I do will be online, lol!


Heather McNally said...

WOW Fabbie - it is SO SO SWEET! I absolutely love it!!!! You *couldn't* be boring, babe!

cyndi said...

that is awesome!!! i love it!!1