Thursday, April 03, 2008


Here he little "game boy". Is it just me, or are all boys born with this natural ability to play video games? LOL! I was practicing with my camera, and there was fabulous light shining thru my bank of windows in the family room, and this is what I captured. Mr. Serious was *trying* not to laugh, but I was running around, acting nuts with my camera, so a few smiles bubbled up to the surface, haha!

This week has flown by! Not much of Monday's snowfall is left, and the weather is warming up. I *hope* that spring is here to stay now! I know I've complained endlessly, but SERIOUSLY - I am so over winter! It dragged on and on, and now it's time for SPRING!

Today I have some client work to do, and then some errands to run - I'm hoping to have a lunch date with a friend too, we'll see if she can sneak away! Hope you have a FABULOUS DAY!

Page Credits: Grab Bag for Boys from Studio Flergs at Scrapbook Graphics, Old Typewriter and Pulse Sans fonts.

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Heather said...

I loooooooove the smiles on Wyatt's face!!!!!! PRECIOUS! I love how ordinary things that kids do can be turned into such wonderful scrap pages!