Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Puppy Love!

Just a quick post today...I have been wanting to scrap this picture of the dog. Her sweet little face just says it all! She gave us QUITE A SCARE a little over a week ago. She was violently sick during the night, so sick that I was afraid for her. I really can't imagine life without her, as she is our first "baby". We managed to get a vet appointment for the next day, and found out that she was suffering from Pancreatitis, which can be very serious. So it's been a special rice diet since then, and she was really hurting for the first few days, and was quite the "Mama's Girl".

She just had her follow up appointment, and I'm so relieved that her enzyme levels are all completely back to normal. YEA! I finally feel like I can breathe a bit easier!

Page Credits: "Wild Love" kit from Shabby Princess, Doodled Frames from Heather Ann Designs

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