Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brrrr....BABY it's COLD outside!

I've had this page "in progress" for about a week, and today seems the perfect day to finish it up, since we are having *another* one of those ULTRA COLD (you know, the kind we brag about here on the ol' GLACIER, lol) subzero days!
Today, we woke up to -15F temps, and -38F windchills. Ummm...BRRRRRR!
I keep folders organizing all of my layouts, and my "In Progress" folder has really saved my sanity! For instance, for this LO, I was determined to find the perfect frames for these photos, but I just couldn't get my fingers (or my mouse, lol) on what I was "seeing" in my head, so I finally filed this layout into the "In Progress" folder, and moved to a different project. When I came back to it today, I realized, I didn't need frames at all, and was able to finish up this layout with a "fresh" perspective.
In addition to "In Progress", I also keep a folder for "Full Layered Files", "Print", and "Web". "Print" and "Web" layouts are saved as .jpg files, with different sizing specifications, and the "Full Layered Files" includes the .psd file format, with the layers intact. This allows for me to go back to the layered file, and make any changes if need be. Case and point: for this layout, I actually noticed a TYPO (the HORROR!) after I had already flattened the image for print and web. Since I still had the full layered file, I was able to fix the typo w/out starting all over. PHEW! CRISIS AVERTED!
Page Credits: Papers and Elements from Sugar Cookie Kit (Melissa Bennett), Alphabet from The Happy Alphabet (set 1) from Marcie Reckinger.


Stefanie Staniak said...

This page is so dang cute. I think a warm, steamed up bathroom with a big tub would fit the bill for this awful weather. Love what you do Fabby!! I need to plan a time when you can be teacher and I'll be the student !! :)

Kookie said...

This is such a cute page!
Love your header too ;)