Friday, November 30, 2007

Got some digi LOVE today!

OMGOSH! I am *so* EXCITED! I was just RAK'd by a digi designer! Is that not the coolest thing EVAH??? In my new quest toward all things digi, I have discovered digishoptalk and have been hanging out, DROOLING over digital designs and scrapbook pages. My wish list is HUGE, thank you very much!

SO - I have recently discovered Melissa Bennett, thanks to a thread listing favorite Christmas kits, and I even purchased this kit {Sugar Cookie} today: (It was SO hard to just pick one - all of her designs are just darling!) Isn't this CA-UTE???

WELL - fast forward to tonight, and MelissaFab Bennett has RAK'd me with THIS! I am *bouncin* I am so excited! Thank you SO MUCH Melissa! I had a hard time choosing today, and I will for sure be adding to my Melissa Bennett collection! Be sure to check out the rest of Melissa's store - she has LOADS of darling stuff!

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