Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My baby girl is growin' up!

At some point (when I wasn't paying attention) my baby girl went and grew up on me and now I have this MIDDLE SCHOOLER to contend with! I am preparing for the worst, but so far, I've only noticed positive changes (knock on wood!) taking place.

It was a big change to switch to the Middle School - there are combination locks on the lockers, new teachers and classes, and a whole new schedule, but she has adapted beautifully and is looking forward to a fun year!

I had to scrap this first day photo, since we were out of sight of the bus stop (where people might see - the HORROR!) I got a little cooperation in front of the camera, hehe...

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1 comment:

LoveIsPatientLoveIsKind said...

They grow way too fast :) Good luck momma!