Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remember Me & Dad

We are almost to Friday, people! Man the weeks are just flying by this summer! Yesterday, I picked up a few SCHOOL SUPPLIES on my way home from my lunch date. Usually, I wait until the last minute and everything is picked over! I still have to go back for more, but I got the basics - markers, colored pencils, crayons, folders and notebooks. Don't you just LOVE school supplies? I stocked up on extra markers and etc NOW while everything is so cheap! We always need that stuff, so it's nice to just have it on hand.

It's almost August, and that means almost time for sweet corn! This time of year always reminds me of Dad, because sweet corn was a BIG favorite of his. (Well who doesn't like sweet corn???) I had this snapshot (Mom and I scanned a quite a few photos of Dad, shortly after he died) of us sitting together, eating corn on the cob. Look how teeny I was! I remember being *so excited* that my Daddy was home to play with me, lol. Even though I had already eaten, Mom said I insisted on being RIGHT THERE by Dad.

Happy memories...:)

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Did you notice my mom's swanky toaster cover? LOL! I need to phone her and tease her abouta that one, haha...

Thanks for stopping by - have a FABULOUS Thursday!

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