Friday, July 25, 2008

Time for tea?


Ahhh...I love my doggie! She really puts up with me, heh heh. A lot of days, when I want to try something with the camera, she is the only one around!

Can't you see how enthralled with photography she is?


This photo is *really* about the GIANT TEACUP (but shhhh...don't tell the doggie!) - I am a member of a children's photography forum (ilovephotography or ILP for short) and these giant teacups have been all the rage for quite awhile now. It's actually a PLANTER from good ol' WallyWorld (Wal-Mart) and it's HUGE. And I finally snagged one this week! YAY!

MOST PEOPLE put darling chubby babies in them, but I am short on babies at my house, so I grabbed my "baby" for a photo op, lol. BUT SOON, I hope to put my friend Sara's darling chubby baby A in this teacup and snap some BRILLIANT PORTRAITS. YAY!

(Sara - my pup would like a word with you, lol. I think a nice peanut butter biscuit and a belly rub would smooth this over!)

Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY people!


Cindy Lyles said...

AAAAACK!!!! This is the CUTEST photo EVEAH Ang!!!!!! he is soooo adorable and dang girl! You can shoot!!

Kendra said...

Oh how funny! You crack me up Fabs!

Heather said...

OMW - that is STINKIN' SWEET, Fabbie! I LOVE IT - your li'l pooch is so cute and loves you!

Beth said...

She almost looked like a stuffie - she is so clean!

MichelleY said...

Ang...I LOVE that its your dog and NOT a baby. Its more unique. Plus, that's one clean pup. She must have been bathed for her photo shoot! LOL!

Too Stinkin CUTE!

Darthy said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!! Poochie looks so darn comfortable. What a terrific picture Fabby.

Debbi said...

Oh Ang, this is ADORABLE!!!