Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More from our Florida Vacation...

On Sunday (5/11) we headed out to Universal Studios again - our tickets were good for the entire week, so we could take our time, and do shorter days. That was really nice, because it was fairly crowded and I don't like dealing with that for a 10 hour day! 5 or 6 hours is PLENTY of hot and humid and crowds for me!

Of course, the Jaws attraction is a "classic"! Here we are, posing with the big shark.

We had to stop and say "Hi" to Curious George! Later in the week, we saw the Man with the Yellow Hat too, but didn't get a picture (I think we were racing to catch a show or something?)

AND - the NEWEST ATTRACTION at Universal is the new Simpson's Ride. We didn't get to ride it until our last day (and we were on a MISSION that day) because the lines were SO LONG. Like 90+ minutes of waiting to get on...DOH!

(I can tell ya, though - it was WELL WORTH the wait, and I think it was possibly my FAVORITE RIDE.)

BUT - we did meet Homer, Marge, and Lisa this day! (This picture cracks me UP!) I asked Marge for some beauty tips, because I have *NO IDEA* how she keeps her hair looking so "fresh" in the Florida heat and humidity! She wasn't sharing though...sigh...

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