Tuesday, May 06, 2008


YAY for ME!

Hey - it has been *awhile* since I took time to scrap, so I was thrilled to get back to it! It has been a busy spring! (Are you sick of me talking about how busy I am???) At the end of April, I sneaked out of town for my bi-annual girls weekend. This time we headed out to Wabasha, MN. What a cute little town! I'm not sure they were prepared for 5 rowdy gals let loose from jobs and families for a weekend, lol. We got more than a few "looks" as we were out and about! My only complaint, was that it wasn't the best weekend for weather. BUT - we had a BLAST! I am already looking forward to the Fall 2008 Mandatory Meeting!

Page Credits: What Dreams May Come kit from Studio Flergs, Bradley Hand ITC font.


Darthy said...

Absolutely beautiful layout Fabs. Your weekend sounds like it was alot of fun. Now slow down, you're movin' too fast.

Stefanie Staniak said...

Great page layout. Don't forget to share it with the other girls. It is like the topping on the sundae !! :)

Heather McNally said...

GREAT! OMW - I love what you did here! So so pretty!! And what a FUn weekend!