Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meeting Characters!


We are BOOKED BABY! Heading back to Orlando, FL in May. We have been wanting to go back since, well, since we got back from our 2005 Orlando vacation, lol. 2005 was our first trip to Disney with the kids (they were 4 & 6 at the time) and we had a total blast. I'll never forget walking into MGM Studios theme park and there were Mickey and Goofy. RIGHT THERE. NO LINES. Rod wanted to walk by and "come back later"...Ummm...are you NUTS??? It's MICKEY MOUSE! If you've ever been, you know that Mickey *always* has a long line and a big crowd around him! We went in January that year, and if you are looking for a time to go when the crowds are at a minimum, PICK JANUARY. They were in a bit of cold snap the week we were there, but usually it's warm enough for at least capri pants and t-shirts. We had almost zero wait times at all the parks and attractions, got to meet a TON of characters (I could literally fill up about 10 pages like this, lol) and had a FAB time. I'm hoping to get my 2005 Disney album completed before our Disney 2008 Vacation - what a fun way to build excitement for our upcoming trip!

Page Credits: Quick Fill #36 from Heather Ann Designs, Paper from Kablamo kit (Shawna Klingerman) from Sweet Shoppe Designs, Hand Stitched Alpha from Dani Mogstad, Times New Yorker font.


DawnMarch said...

Disney is so great when it's not crowded (and even pretty great when it is!). We go at least once a year and always love it!

Jen Ulasiewicz said...

That sounds like so much fun! Wish we were going, I've never been there before. We're hoping to take the kids in a few years when they get a little older :) Have fun!

Barb said...

Disney is always a blast ~ except in the middle of july when the parks are full to capacity and it's 110 degrees. I'll never do that again!