Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November Desktop

Have you seen the November Desktop freebie from Shabby Princess? I remember when I first saw these - I was like "What the heck is a desktop???" LOL. Hey - it's a natural blonde! Before discovering these, I just used a regular photo as my computer desktop background, and I'd change it every so often, whenever I had a new picture of the kids or whatever. Usually only a couple times a year. NOW...lol. I am OBSESSED with having my new desktop READY TO GO on the first of each month. I am itching to design my own too, but for now, these are so handy with the little calendar, and I *love* how there is room on the left side for my computer icons!

If you are new to digi - these are the PERFECT way to begin! You will really feel like you have accomplished something, and the hard stuff is already done for ya! You just need to open the file in your photo editing software, and then drag your pictures onto it. EASY PEASY and FAB! Let me know if you give it a try!

My desktop features my Dad. My Dad passed away in December of 2005. I think about him all the time, but particularly in November, as he was an avid hunter, fisherman, and all around outdoorsman, so he was my inspiration for my November Desktop.

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Marcia said...

Fabbie Baby! I have this, too, and I love that you featured your daddy! It's wonderful! Maybe later I'll show you mine since you showed me your's! :) Luv ya, honey!